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About us

We empower
local businesses.

Digital marketing offers companies unprecedented
opportunities to grow quickly and sustainably.

To ensure that local businesses also benefit, we have created a platform
that offers small businesses everything they need to make it big online.
All as software, all automated, all in the highest quality.

Our native language is digital.

We are 80+ people from all over the world. Our common language is digital. We grew up with Instagram, influencers and the internet. And the internet grew up with us. We believe in equality. And in digitalisation. Because digital tools deliver the highest quality at affordable prices. For everyone.

We are good neighbours.

We believe what makes our life so interesting is the local life.
These are the small shops in the neighborhood, the local retailers, the restaurant next door, the beauty salon and much more.

With their products and services, these local entrepreneurs make
our everyday life a bit more beautiful and worth living.

We put our values into action.

Competence, courage and confidence, curiosity, integrity and
commitment are essential values for everyone who works at alphin.
Values that help us get closer every day to our big goal:

Helping local businesses around the world focus on what they really love.
And we care that their great work gets the attention it deserves.

Good ideas write
success stories.

The idea

2016 - online retail is booming, city centers are emptying out.
People meet on Instagram instead of in the city.

And where you go is determined by bloggers. Influencers are the marketing accelerators of the hour. At this point, there is no solution for small businesses to advertise with influencers.
We've changed that.

Product and foundation

Idea: Influencer marketing based on software. The result is our
No.1 product: a SaaS influencer marketing solution that automatically connects local entrepreneurs with local influencers.

Success? Big. With our investors, too. In the same year, we move our headquarters to Berlin and secure our first funding from SB21.

Influencer Marketing - Erste SaaS-Marketing-Lösung


From local to national.

Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin - with a small,
efficient team we conquer the hearts of the local world.

200 businesses are already benefiting from our services.
With the support of our investors, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures
and Partech, we develop new products and offer
our tools throughout Germany.

alphin gewinnt finanzstarke Investoren.
Vienna, London, the world.

We now have over 50 companions from 20 nations on our online adventure, open locations in Vienna, London as well as Tel Aviv, and support our customers with four effective products.

With our Instagram account management and 360 software, we also offer effective marketing tools to rural and suburban areas. With Vienna and London, we are now international.

Corona. Crisis? No chance.

Everyone’s firing, we’re hiring. 60 employees, 6 products, a lot of
heart and soul. We take advantage of the challenges of the time.

And further help our customers to seize the
opportunities in the crisis.

Restaurant geschlossen Lockdown
Local marketing worldwide.

The journey has just begun and we still have many ideas.
Our goal: a platform that offers local entrepreneurs everything
to make them successful online. All high quality, all as software.

alphin Marketing Plattform in Desktop- und Smartphone-App.
October 6, 2021
Unsere #MyLockdownHeroes der Woche
Diese Woche würdigen wir drei lokale Unternehmen, die der Lockdown ganz besonders schwer getroffen hat.
Birte Restemeyer
October 6, 2021
Nominiere deinen #MyLockdownHero
Sie waren für uns da. Jetzt braucht es unsere Unterstützung für sie: unsere Lieblingsläden!
Birte Restemeyer
September 21, 2021
Instagram Management
Marketing, das funktioniert.
Gastronom Fridolin Taudtmann darüber, wie er es geschafft hat, täglich 150 Plätze zu füllen und natürlich den Lockdown.
Birte Restemeyer
#marketing #localbusiness
October 8, 2021
lockdown hero
Nominate your #MyLockdownHero
They've been there for us. Now it takes our support for them: our favorite stores!
Birte Restemeyer
#MyLockdownHero #ThankYou
October 8, 2021
Our #MyLockdownHeroes of the week
In this week's #MyLockdownHeroes of the Week, we recognize three local businesses that have been hit particularly hard by the Lockdown.
#MyLockdownHero #ThankYou
September 10, 2021
Restaurant closed, kitchen open?
November 2020. The lockdown came quickly. There was hardly any time for preparations. So many restaurants were suddenly faced with the question: deliver or close?
Birte Restemeyer
#marketing #localbusiness

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