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Birte Restemeyer
October 8, 2021
#MyLockdownHero #ThankYou

They've been there for us. Now it takes our support for them: our favorite stores! Who made your life at Lockdown a little more bearable, a little more moving, or a little more vibrant? With delicious take-out, exciting books, or fun online fitness, for example. Who was your personal Lockdown hero?
Join our #MyLockdownHero campaign now and nominate your favorite store! How? It's easy: Go there, take a photo of your lockdown hero and post it under #MyLockdownHero #ThankYou.

Together, we're making it strong again - our small, local world.

#MyLockdownHeroes of the week.

Nominated by friends, colleagues and influencers.

Wild & Raw, Berlin-Mitte - ALOHA to go.

"The best poke in Berlin - that was our goal two years ago. We have achieved that." says Heiko Mittelhäuser of Wild & Raw in Berlin-Mitte. Founded in May 2019, the fancy store had become the place-to-be of the culinary Mitte landscape within a very short time. The Hawaiian health food became a much sought-after favorite of passers-by and the hip loft-office crowd. Then came the lockdown. Tourists? Gone. Walk-ins? Stayed at home. It became quiet around the otherwise bustling Rosenthaler Platz.

Heiko Mittelhäuser, Wild&Raw, Berlin-Mitte

If the guest no longer comes to the Wild&Raw, the Wild&Raw goes to the guest. And so, this winter, many thousands of bowls of fresh treats went on their journey to the surrounding home offices as little ambassadors of happiness. As a small reminder of the Hawaiian attitude to life - Aloha: light and love - now to go. Soon back on site.

Wild & Raw, Berlin - Mitte

Tasty Berlin - Lockdown for Heros - New Opening instead of closing

Who opens while everything is closed? The superheroes of Tasty Berlin in Köpenick. Despite uncertain prospects, they stayed true to their dream and have been working in their new location in the picturesque old town of Köpenick since mid-March.

Tasty Berlin, Berlin-Köpenick, the Crew

Their mission: picturesque treats with a stunning vitamin balance. Mango, pomegranate, edamame, avocado, radishes and cucumber spirals - since May 15, they've been whipping up luscious bowls, kumpirs and salads from anything colorful and tasty. The first customers are thrilled. Off to Köpenick. By the way, Tasty Berlin is just a short digestive walk away from Müggelsee. Always worth a trip.

Tasty Berlin - Köpenick

Rich N Green, Cologne - Attention, danger of addiction!

Rich N Greens has been around since 2015 and what's at Rich N Greens? The jungle in a bowl, for example - freshly prepared from regional ingredients. The best treats of Mexican cuisine - attractively packaged in the most tender corn dough - and - most importantly: the entire rainbow of colors neatly layered in a smoothie glass. By the way, the consumption recommendation is supplied immediately: "Bend the straw slowly towards the sun, breathing gently into the abdominal cavity. Lips enclose the straw, now keep eyes closed.


Martin Miller, Rich N Greens, Cologne

Imagine the life of the fruit pulsating in the glass. Lift ... the lower jaw against Mother Earth....Now slowly let the life juice of the fruit slide down your esophagus." Warning: freshness kick with addictiveness. How fortunate that Rich N Greens has weathered the last few months well. What would the world be without a little dash of craziness. Freshness? Yes. Healthy? Definitely. And Rich N Greens always has a little spoonful of crazy ideas to go with it.

(Gollum? Is a regular here.)

Online is convenient, life is local.

Don't forget. Your favorite stores are waiting for you. Stop by. And rejoice with them that they're back.

#MyLockdownHero #ThankYou 

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