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With the Review Management Tool, collecting positive reviews becomes an exciting team challenge. Ready? Get the fifth star! There is also the first place on Google.

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Local business owner gets online customer review.

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Did you know? 88% of all consumers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. Almost 70% check online reviews as a matter of course. With the Review Management Tool, you can ensure the best reviews on all major search engines.  Equipped with software, hardware and know-how, your team transforms satisfied customers into positive reviews directly at your site. Google rewards you with more and more stars and eventually the top ranking.

Happy customers toast.Lots of 4- and 5-star reviews on Google.


searched for local businesses in 2020 using Google.*


of all consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.*


f all consumers would not visit a store or restaurant with less than 4 stars.*

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Review Management

aphin hacks for your 5-star performance on Google.

Google Reviews' Hack # 1

Top technology for your top position in Google.

Scan, click, collect a star. Equipped with the latest NFC technology, pre-programmed maps, landing page and more, your team collects stars in seconds for all major review platforms such as Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp etc. A training video shows you and your team how to make the most of hardware and software.

Gastronomer is happy about a 5-star rating.

Google Reviews' Hack # 2

Turn satisfied customers into rave reviews.

Use the psychological momentum. Your service was inspiring? Ask your customers for a teeny tiny review at the moment of greatest satisfaction. Using the alphin Reviews Cards, the window opens on your cell phone in a flash. Tap on the stars and you're done. Pro-tip: Some of our customers give away a small coffee as a thank you.

Google Reviews' cards.

Google Reviews' Hack # 3

Whether Google, Yelp or TripAdvisor - celebrate your successes together.

The alphin app gives you a full overview of the development of your reviews at all times. You and your team can actively track who has collected how many. Which reviews you have received. Your ranking. And how much you have left before the coveted fifth star. Our tip: recognize winners daily, celebrate team successes.

Overview of online customer reviews and stars in the app.
September 16, 2021
Our #MyLockdownHeroes of the week
In this week's #MyLockdownHeroes of the Week, we recognize three local businesses that have been hit particularly hard by the Lockdown.
#MyLockdownHero #ThankYou
March 12, 2021
Restaurant closed, kitchen open?
November 2020. The lockdown came quickly. There was hardly any time for preparations. So many restaurants were suddenly faced with the question: deliver or close?
Birte Restemeyer
#marketing #localbusiness
September 28, 2022
Product update: What's new in the alphin app?
The alphin Reviews product has received a makeover. Find out what's new in the blog now.
Katja Reinke

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