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A professional Instagram presence has at least partly succeeded the traditional shop window in many industries. Whether restaurants, beauty or hospitality - those who are convincing online, win new customers offline. We manage it for you.

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Local entrepreneur proud of her Instagram profile.

More than 1,000 satisfied customers worldwide

Instagram on autopilot.

Attracting new guests on its own.

Professional appearance, regular postings, community management - with our Instagram management package you have everything you need to win over new followers and customers. A uniquely created social media strategy guarantees the optimal presentation of your company. The rest will take care of itself. And your feed becomes a digital showcase that online passers-by simply have to "stop" in front of.

Gastronomer checks her Instagram account for important metrics like reach, followers and profile visits.Followers, reach, post views, profile views - important metrics in the app.

38 M

38 million people in Germany actively use social media.*


of all users actively search social networks for inspiration for new products, services, or restaurants.*


37% of Instagram users have visited a business in person after discovering it on Instagram.*

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Now put Instagram on autopilot.

Instagram is a pain? Professional photos, complete account management, follower growth - we manage it for you. How?  Get a free, no-obligation consultation now.

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Instagram Management

alphin hacks for your top Insta performance

Instagram Management Hack # 1

Rely on professionals.

Bio, feed and stories - Instagram has grown from a private playground into a powerful marketing platform - for all who know their way around. Our team of experienced social media experts knows all the hacks and tricks and composes a presence for you that represents your business and reaches your target groups with thoughtful posts, loving captions and conversion-strong CTAs.

Instagram feed and Instagram bio

Instagram Management Hack # 2

Let the algorithm work for you.

RRR… that's one of the most important principles in building more visibility. The right content, regularly at the right time. Sprinkled with the right hashtags, your account will surf the wave of the algorithm and gain more fans and followers day by day.

Key metrics in the app - followers, reach, post views, profile views.

Instagram Management Hack # 3

Total control? Totally on Autopilot? Or both.

Your feed, you decide. Photos, posts, captions, bio - all managed for you. And at the same time, you always have the option to customize everything even more precisely to your liking. Preview posts, comment on posts or edit them. The alphin app is all your marketing with a single click.

Instagram management portal with preview and editor function.
September 16, 2021
Our #MyLockdownHeroes of the week
In this week's #MyLockdownHeroes of the Week, we recognize three local businesses that have been hit particularly hard by the Lockdown.
#MyLockdownHero #ThankYou
March 12, 2021
Restaurant closed, kitchen open?
November 2020. The lockdown came quickly. There was hardly any time for preparations. So many restaurants were suddenly faced with the question: deliver or close?
Birte Restemeyer
#marketing #localbusiness
September 28, 2022
Product update: What's new in the alphin app?
The alphin Reviews product has received a makeover. Find out what's new in the blog now.
Katja Reinke

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