Product update: From now on, reply to reviews as if on autopilot

Aditya Amarnath
October 12, 2022
The new product feature gives you the chance to reply to reviews on autopilot. You are in control and can edit the generated replies at any time, add to them or even write your own responses.

Running a successful local business is hard, not to mention the added effort these past few years have demanded. These days, having an online presence is an absolute need and more specifically, we know the leading factor for the success of these local businesses - reviews (But that’s not all.)

Regardless of them being negative or positive, these days it’s not even a question of how many reviews your business is getting, Customers go the extra mile and check whether the reviews have been responded to or not.

If you are a business owner, you would know it’s quite common that you find yourself in situations where you receive negative replies. It´s quite normal to have a bad day in the office, everybody does but ironically, it is always the negative comments which have the most detailed descriptions of the experience. Common knowledge steers us in the direction to reply to all the reviews and we absolutely agree. But have you sometimes found yourself in a situation where you're sitting in front of your laptop or your smartphone staring at a review having no reply in mind?

That’s where we are here to help. We’ve made replying a whole lot easier so you don't have to worry about it. With the new reply feature, you receive a comprehensively tailored reply to a review with just one click.

This applies to all your reviews - positive, negative or just stars.

Where do you find the new feature?

The new feature isn't a complicated tool to find. We recommend you follow the same procedure you always do to reply to reviews. A short overview would be to head to your review management dashboard and select a review you want to reply to. Click on the ‘reply’ button.  This opens a tab where you get to craft your reply. The top right corner of this tab now has a ´Generate´ button which activate the answers on autopilot.

Here is why we think you would love the new feature

It’s extremely simple. One click of a button is all it takes. Your normal review reply tab now has a new icon named ´regenerate’ which is hard to miss.

You save time. Time is an important resource for you and as promised, we’ll let you do what you love while we make it easier for you to reply to reviews. Two clicks is all it takes.

You get crafted replies. Your reviews are summarised by us and hence the replies generated are in context with the tone and content written by the customer. We definitely think the replies generated are professional.

The generated reply is editable. We understand that you sometimes love crafting your replies or maybe adding a personal touch. You have the complete freedom to edit or delete the text that is generated.

You have 28 different languages to work with. We believe you have a diverse customer base and we are here to help you reply to reviews in 28 different languages. The language of the review generated is always in sync with the language your account is set with so do make sure you select the language you would like the reply in.

The choice of  5 different replies. We understand that you might not be satisfied with the first generated reply. Well, you have the freedom to hit the ‘regenerate’ option five times before it is disabled. We love to think that five times is just enough to get you your perfect reply.

Replying to reviews provides credibility and builds trust, not just with the reviewers but also with every individual reading the review. In this context, it becomes a very relevant topic to write great replies hence we believe that this tool is a step in the right direction.

We're extremely excited to have this on our platform and we hope that this tool helps you craft the perfect replies for your reviews.

Ready to go?

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Simply fill out the form and you go.