How best to deal with negative reviews

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Katja Reinke
October 24, 2022
Two business owners check their online reviews on a tablet and discuss them.

Not every day is the same, we all know this saying. So, of course, not everything goes smoothly in your restaurant. And before you know it, a negative review really spoils your mood. Your top rating is already in jeopardy.

Find out why negative feedback doesn't have to throw you off track in this article.

Why you should respond quickly to negative reviews

Did you know that 89% of consumers are "very" or "somewhat" inclined to use a company that responds to all of their online reviews? In fact, 57% say they would "not very" or "not at all" use a company that doesn't respond to reviews at all.
Are you wondering right now if this applies to you? Online reviews have reached the level of recommendations from friends and family in today's world. For some users, they are even more important than any recommendation from people close to them.

For users, in addition to how often companies respond or whether they respond to reviews at all plays a crucial role. How old are the most recent reviews? How do the reviews sound linguistically? Are there any similarities or did the ratings all come about within a few days, for example? Are the ratings balanced or is there only praise as feedback?

53% of users who left negative feedback not only expect feedback from the company, they expect it very promptly, within a week. Checking reviews regularly and not just responding to positive feedback pays dividends to a company's reputation. Fast and active management of one's own reviews increases the trust placed in the company by users and those who want to become users.

How to respond to negative reviews

Now before you might angrily set about responding to a negative review, there is something you can do. It may sound banal, but sit down and take a few deep breaths. Negative feedback can quickly conjure up anger. However, you shouldn't respond in that mood. Even in the face of negative or even unwarranted feedback, always remain calm, collected and above all, professional. 

Here are a few tried-and-true tips that will have you responding to any review in no time:

  1. Always respond individually and directly address the content of the feedback. Don't use standard answers or platitudes. Take the reviewer seriously and make them feel that their criticism is being heard. 
  2. Even if it is difficult, thank the reviewer for the review, even if it is a negative review. 
  3. Apologize if there is something to apologize for. Of course, you should not apologize for everything in general, because remember, you can't please everyone. But openly admitting mistakes is a matter of strength and responsibility. 
  4. Explain the situation. Apologizing is often not enough. Take the opportunity to explain yourself. Always remember that other followers and users are also reading your answer. 
  5. Have understanding for the complaint. Even if you disagree, tastes are different. If you keep that in mind, it will be easier for you to deal with feedback. 
  6. Try to find or offer a solution. No situation is so messed up that you can't solve it together. Be open and willing to find a solution. This is often how you turn a critic into a regular user. 

ProTip: If the situation seems very tense, try to transfer the communication to a private chat. In an e-mail, private messages or even a phone call, you can exchange ideas in detail. And you may come to a solution more quickly without other users interfering.

How alphin helps you to manage your ratings ideally

Responding to feedback is not only time-consuming, but often you simply don't have the right words. And then the answers should also be tailored and timely considering it takes time off from your schedule.. Thanks to automated technology, alphin Review users can generate responses to their reviews in no time. Responses are always individual, tailored to the previous review, and available in up to 28 languages. All you have to do is select the review you want to respond to in the Review Management section, click the Generate button and you will receive a response.

ProTip: The sooner you respond to your reviews, the sooner the problem is resolved. The trust of your followers grows with every response to a review and comments on your part. Ideally, your community will not only become your fans, but might just support each other with questions and concerns and fairly, that's all you need.

What negative reviews can do for your reputation?

Did you know that 46% of users consciously check whether a company  has negative reviews? Because not every negative feedback has to be bad for your company. Criticism is always an opportunity for you and your company to grow and improve. You get the unique opportunity to respond to your customers' comments and suggestions for improvement. Your customers will thank you, they feel appreciated, taken seriously and valued. You'll work on your reputation and build a loyal community that will forgive a bad day.

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