Product update: What's new in the alphin app?

Katja Reinke
September 28, 2022
The old alphin reviews section includes several areas that are zoomed in here for more detail.

It's hard to imagine a life without reviews. Existing customers as well as potentially new ones regularly check reviews on the web before making a choice, visiting a place, or deciding to buy which is one of the reasons why reviews always deserve your attention. Your time is limited so with the right app at your side, you'll get meaningful overviews and evaluations that make it easier for you to manage your reviews.

Why are reviews so essential for your business's success?

What was already apparent before the pandemic has intensified in the last two years - consumers trust ratings and reviews online more than ever. Online shoppers have routinely turned to reviews and star ratings for years to form an opinion before making a purchase. During the pandemic, this approach seized even the last user. After all, lockdown and exit restrictions often meant that nothing else was possible. Today, through reviews or social channels online, we are free to have opinions about products, services, and establishments with just a few clicks.

Even large companies and local business operators have opened up to the trend gradually in the past few years. Terms like reputation and review management have taken priority. Requests for online feedback have become as normal as asking, "Did you like it?".

Common review sites and portals include Google, social media, and even delivery service and booking sites. But with all the sites and portals, it’s easy to lose track or not find the time to reply to every review. With alphin Reviews, you can centrally manage your reviews and get feedback easily. To make alphin Reviews even better for you and your needs, the product now has an update.

One becomes three! - But why?

Why has the review section in the alphin app been redesigned? In the alphin app, you previously had an area where you could manage and answer your reviews, and keep track of your successes. It was also where you could manage and assign review cards.
But that is now different. We have made it easier for you to keep track of your ratings and to give you more insights at the same time. Today, reviews are crucial for the success of your business. On the three new pages, the individual review areas are given more space for presentation, which gives you a better overview. In addition, there are some functions that make your everyday business easier and more interesting.

The Review Dashboard - The insight into your successes

The overview of your reviews and successes should always be in focus. With the new Review Dashboard in the alphin app, you get daily updated evaluations and analyses about your reviews, your growth, and much more.  

In addition to an overview of all of your networked platforms, you can also take a look at your respective review averages and compare them with each other. In addition, the Review Dashboard page shows you which other sites and portals you might want to link too. Visibility on the web is important, so be visible to your users on multiple, relevant sites and portals. Our article tells you which sites are specifically relevant for your business.

The latest ratings received are displayed directly in the overview of the individually linked portals. Using the arrows, you can easily navigate back and forth between the latest reviews. On this page, you can not only get an overall view but also select the areas specifically to get even more information.

Generate reviews - now even easier

It's not just the Google algorithm regularly appreciating new content, but also the Internet users. Did you know that 40% of users only read reviews of the last 3 months? This means that older reviews are not only irrelevant, but they also discourage users from choosing your restaurant. Therefore, it is worthwhile to generate new reviews on a regular basis. To make this easier for you in the future, We now have an area in the alphin app dedicated exclusively to generating reviews.

In this section, not only are the individual review cards assigned to the team but also the success of these cards are measured live. Every card scan and every new review is immediately recorded and displayed. In addition, the app automatically selects the three best team members of the month. This helps team members to encourage each other and to learn from their experiences.

Manage reviews - answer reviews, keep an eye on them and track successes

This area is entirely focused on your reviews. The extensive filter functions give you the opportunity to check exactly what you are interested in. You can filter the reviews by portals, average star ratings, or specific time periods.

What else is new? The graph or speedometer in the upper area shows how many of your reviews have been answered to. Did you know that 38% of users complain about never getting a response to their reviews? In different colors, based on the traffic light, you can see whether there is an acute need for action or whether all the reviews have been answered.

Another innovation, emojis! This gives you a small summary of the content of the reviews. What was rated well is represented with a green, laughing emoji. More neutral sentiments are summarized in a grey emoji. Critical feedback is shown by a red, sad emoji.

In this review area, you can also reply directly to individual reviews. You can also see how the graph in the upper area changes with each reply posted. To make it even easier for you to reply, we recommend to use the filter function to display only the unanswered reviews.

The alphin app is available for both iOS and Android users. Our Sales and Customer Success team will be happy to help you with any further product questions.

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