Restaurant closed, kitchen open?

Birte Restemeyer
March 12, 2021
5 min. reading time
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November 2020. The lockdown came quickly. There was hardly any time for preparations. So many restaurants were suddenly faced with the question: deliver or close? And if delivery or pickup was offered - how then to inform the guests? alphin, top provider for local marketing, reacted immediately: With an Instagram ads campaign that quickly delivered more orders to restaurants. How? Through targeted ads on Instagram.  

An open kitchen on lockdown has several benefits for restaurants. Not just the extra sales.

"Every euro of sales counts. That's clear. Especially now." says Marko, owner of Grindhouse Burger and a convinced customer at alphin. "Priceless, however, is the joy and gratitude of the guests. In the spring it was like this: no sooner had our restaurant reopened than all our loyal guests were back. Even the new ones from the delivery business." How they managed that? "With the alphin Instagram Ads. Our partner at alphin set up the Ads for us within a few hours back then. And made us known with our offer in the whole neighborhood."

What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads are advertisements on Instagram. Sponsored posts with which, for example, restaurants can show their guests that they deliver or offer food for pickup. Where. Directly to their guests in their Instagram feed.

Especially in lockdown times, the most powerful advertising space of all. Because where are we all right now? In the home office on the screen or on the cell phone on the couch. But what really makes the ads special are the targeting settings. Each restaurant can use them to specify exactly to whom its own ads should be shown.

Vegan fan in Hawaii for burger joint in Berlin-Mitte? Rather not useful.

You don't need fans in Hawaii - and it's better not to try to make a burger palatable to a vegan. So you only play the ads within a radius of 5 km around your own location - for example. And only to burger fans and other avowed meat eaters. The kitchen is underutilized, especially on Mondays? Days and times of day can also be preselected. How about Sunday afternoon, for example, when stomachs are empty and so are refrigerators.... The bottom line is that the ads reach exactly the right people at the right place at the right time. With a maximum of little effort. Efficient, isn't it?

alphin - who is that anyway?

alphin offers online marketing specifically tailored to the needs of local businesses. Through influencer marketing, ads, Instagram account and cross-platform management, and a network of selected top photographers, local entrepreneurs can find all the tools they need for a professional presence in the relevant channels on one platform. Clearly managed in one app.

"Great world-class marketing for small local players, that was our vision 3 years ago," says Steffen Allesch, one of the founders at alphin. "Software solutions became the key to this. Because they deliver agency-level results, smart, simple and above all - affordable." On Google, the young company enjoys the highest ratings for this. And at Gastro Vision 2018, alphin was awarded a promotional prize.

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