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Great profile, zero followers? That has to change, and fast. Our Instagram growth experts take care of that with up to 250 new followers per month for your business profile.

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More likes, more fans, more followers.

Grow organically with up to 250 new followers per month.

Reach is the key to more visibility. And with it, more and more new customers. Our Instagram growth experts increase your reach by up to 250 new followers per month. They use safe and effective growth strategies, manually controlled - without bots and automations - and guarantee your business real, active followers. From your target groups and your neighborhood.

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Instagram has the highest interaction rate of all social media channels.*


of Instagram users are online daily.*


appreciate communication via Instagram and Facebook.*

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Instagram Growth

alphin hacks for getting more reach on Instagram fast.

Instagram Growth Hack # 1

Generate useful reach.

Birds of a feather flock together. What applies to Tinder etc. also applies to customers and businesses. What good is a burger joint if it has a large reach in the vegan movement? Our Instagram growth experts not only get you more reach fast, but just the right reach. They connect you with people who are such a good fit that they'll love your products and service. How do they do it? Based on an in-depth analysis of your business profile, goals and target groups.

Grow organically through optimal fit of profiles.

Instagram Growth Hack # 2

Reach the followers of the followers.

Profile by profile, our experts connect you with relevant followers. Key hashtags are identified, profiles are identified based on selected search criteria. They use the power of influencers to generate more and more reach in your relevant target groups in an organic and sustainable way. Instagram likes that, too. And rewards you with a better place in the Instagram algorithm.

Reach the followers of the followers.

Instagram Growth Hack # 3

Customize targeted reach.

Where do your successes shine? In your business and in the alphin app. Whether it's reach, followers or new customers - in the alphin app, you have a full overview of all developments on your accounts at all times. Analysis of your new followers by gender and age included.

Reach, followers, target groups in analysis.
October 8, 2021
lockdown hero
Nominate your #MyLockdownHero
They've been there for us. Now it takes our support for them: our favorite stores!
Birte Restemeyer
#MyLockdownHero #ThankYou
October 8, 2021
Our #MyLockdownHeroes of the week
In this week's #MyLockdownHeroes of the Week, we recognize three local businesses that have been hit particularly hard by the Lockdown.
#MyLockdownHero #ThankYou
September 10, 2021
Restaurant closed, kitchen open?
November 2020. The lockdown came quickly. There was hardly any time for preparations. So many restaurants were suddenly faced with the question: deliver or close?
Birte Restemeyer
#marketing #localbusiness

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